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Us bloggers write because of the love of it and more often than not it begins when we are inspired by something else we have read.  We want to share our own thoughts, ideas and creativity with other like-minded readers.

With so many different social media sites these days, it can often be frustrating that everyone seems to know everything about everyone else. Let's face it we all like to have a nose about what other people are doing from time to time on Facebook, but at times it can feel a little false especially when 'friends' are judging everything that you post.  Many people now use Facebook purely to keep in contact with people and tend not to actually share a lot on their personal profile.  On the other hand, some share every breathing moment.  So why is it that we don't want to share on Facebook with our 'friends' yet we are happy to blog to the whole world?

The great thing about a blog is that although it is available for everybody far and wide to read, being a small drop in a huge sea of content online means that people are only likely to come across your blog if you tell them about it. It is not uncommon for bloggers to choose not brag about their blog or share it on sites such as Facebook as it is seen as a personal space, written for readers who have similar interests and not for 'friends' to judge.  You know the type - Flossy who always posts about how wonderfully happy she is and having lots of fun, but you worry that if she saw your blog would probably laugh in your face and poke fun.  Believe it or not, Flossy is probably not wonderfully happy and is actually jealous.  However, understandably so choosing not to share your blog with Flossy just avoids that uncomfortableness.

Some bloggers choose not to tell anyone about their blog.  Some bloggers choose to tell everyone.  Some of us just prefer for our readers to come naturally because they like what we blog about and for only our close friends and family to know about it.Close friends and family can actually be your best fans and enjoy talking to you about recent posts (and give you ideas for future ones!)

Whoever you choose to tell (or not tell as the case may be) if you are deciding to start a blog, remember the reason that you are starting it in the first place. It is your little piece of the worldwide web and it is for you to do with it as you please.

Fellow shopaholic bloggers - have you shared your blog with people that you know?
Have you ever had any concerns about sharing your blog with 'friends'?

Love Laurashopaholic xx



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