Monday, 29 July 2013

Laura Listens: Lifestyle & Friendship Post

Friendship: What to do if you feel left out by your friends...

If you follow Laurashopaholic on Twitter then you will know that I asked my followers whether they had any problems as I was going to start a problem page.  Thank you to everyone who contacted me.  

One of my followers contacted me saying that they wanted some help as they had felt increasingly left out by their group of friends recently.  Firstly, I felt that I could really relate to this problem as I am not too proud to admit that in the past I have myself felt this way and I am sure that anyone else who has experienced this will agree that it is a horrible way to feel that if you have been victim to, would not wish on anyone.

Firstly, be honest with yourself and make sure that you have made enough effort with your friends.  Friendship, like any relationship takes time and effort by both parties in order to be strong.  It also requires an equal amount of effort from those involved and this is important because it shows mutual respect for the relationship.  Ask yourself whether or not you have instigated meeting up recently or has it always been one-sided?  Equally, if your friends have made the effort to meet up with you recently and you have not been able to get involved for whatever reason, or you have had to cancel, have you made an attempt to re-arrange or suggest an alternative date that would be convenient?  Are you ever the first to text your friends or do you only ever respond when they text you?

If you are confident that you have done all that you can to be a good friend and you still feel like you are being left out then there are a couple of things to have a think about.  If you have asked yourself whether you yourself are a good friend and you can answer 'Yes' then you can be sure that the problem certainly is NOT YOUR FAULT!  If you feel like your friends are leaving you out and not including you in gatherings or meeting up, then you definitely need to ask yourself whether you actually want them as your friends!  Friendship should be a two-way relationship with individuals wanting to spend time together purely because they enjoy eachothers company and love being around that person or that group.  If your friends are not making the effort to include you then quite simply they are not worth your time!  I know it is easier said than done, but why would you want to waste your precious time on so-called 'friends' who take you for granted and do not respect the effort that you make to maintain the relationship.

The difficulty with any relationships and friendships is that it is never easy or nice to have that moment when you ask yourself 'Is it worth it anymore?' particularly if you have known the friends for a long time.  This is usually the case as most likely if you had not known the friends for long then you probably would not be too bothered about them in the long term.

True friends would not ever want to make you feel left out and if they knew how it felt and they were actually nice people then they certainly would not want to make you feel that way.  If you feel that you can then talk to the friends and tell them how you feel.  If they still continue to leave you out after this then it is a done deal and its not nice - friendship breakup.  Sad in the short term as you feel a loss like any breakup, but much better in the long term as you will have respect for yourself. Why would you want to spend your time with people who behave in such selfish ways?  Would you want to even be associated with them?  By stopping wasting time worrying about the people who take your friendship for granted it will give you space to make time with new friendships that will blossom.  After all, the company we keep speaks volumes about our own values and morals.

Always remember that true friends will cherish having you as part of their life

Love Laurashopaholic xx

I hope that helps to put your mind at ease.  Please feel free to contact me should you need anymore advice.  You are not on your own.

If you have a problem or question that you would like to be featured anonymously in the next Lifestyle & Friendship post then please do not hesitate to get in contact.  L xx

Sunday, 28 July 2013

A Zest for Life

Happy Sunday fellow Shopaholics!  Here in the UK we have had a period of at least two weeks constant glorious sunshine and hot weather which has probably been the nicest whether we have had in years. However, in true British weather style, the sunshine sadly came to an end yesterday when the heavens opened.  In memory of the sunshine and in hope of more still to come, today's post is an outfit that I have been meaning to share with you and I hope it makes you feel summery even on a dreary British Sunday.

Lime Pleated Midi Dress - M&S Limited (old)
'Right' Tan Sandals - Topshop - £50

This Lime Pleated Midi Dress is perfect for summer and I have styled it with simple tan accessories.  I love the twisted detail at the back and think that it would look great as a holiday outfit.

I am a little shy usually when it comes to wearing bright colours as I have such a pale, typical english rose complexion but when I saw this dress I just had to have it.

Hopefully the sunshine will break through again soon.

What do you think of my Lime Midi Dress?
How would you style it?

Love Laurashopaholic xx

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Laurashopaholic's Top 5 Fashion Bloggers: July 2013

Hello there fellow Shopaholics!  I wanted to share with you my Top 5 Fashion Bloggers/ Vloggers.  You may have already heard of them and if so then great, but if not then I would seriously recommend checking these gals out!

I always like to support fellow Bloggers and like to add blogs that I stumble across to my Bloglovin' page or subscribe to their YouTube channel, so I thought I would let you know which gems I love to read or watch on a regular basis. 


Visit her Blog The Little Magpie

@Style Sweetie

Subscribe to her channel on YouTube here


Subscribe to her channel on YouTube here


Visit her Blog ZoeyinWonderland

Visit her Blog Marmalade

I just love discovering a blog that I have not read before, so hopefully you will find at least one from my Top 5 this month!
Thank you girls for the great Blogs and keep the great style content coming!

If you would like me to check out your blog/vlog and for me to feature yours next month then please comment below and leave your links.

Who are your favourite Bloggers or YouTubers?
Let me know what you think of these fab Bloggers/ Vloggers.

Love Laurashopaholic xx

Friday, 26 July 2013


Today I thought I would share with you all a few of the new items in my wardrobe.  I bought a couple of items online on the Topshop website and also some from M&S.

Broderie Blouse - Marks and Spencer Limited - £25
Bird Print Shirt - Marks and Spencer Limited - £29.50
MOTO Indigo Tencel Dress - Topshop £38
Lace Raglan Tee - Topshop £16

So if I start with my M&S purchases.  Firstly I love the new Limited Edition branding as I think it adds to the look and feel of the items overall.  I think that the bird print blouse is unique and the shirt feels superb quality as does the broderie blouse which is pure cotton.   I actually think that both of these Limited items are similar to the sort of style, quality and price that you would expect from Tophshop or Zara.  As you probably know if you are now a regular reader of Laurashopaholic, I am always looking for little gems in Marks and Spencer as I think that you can get some great finds and I always get a lot of compliments whenever I wear them and people asking where I got them from.

So onto the Topshop items.  The Moto Indigo Tencel dress I featured on a previous wish list post and I was not disappointed with it when it arrived.  I must say I do love a delivery in a white and black polka dot bag!  The Lace raglan tee will get loads of wear and think that it is great value and quality for £16.

You may recall on said Topshop wish list post I also mentioned the Whes Slingbacks that I had ordered.  I could not believe my luck when I saw the sandals online in the sale.  However, it was too good to be true as after I had ordered them, I sadly received an email from Topshop saying that they were unfortunately out of stock.  Me and the Whes Slingbacks were obviously just not meant to be (Sad face).

Have a lovely weekend fellow shopaholics.

Love Laurashopaholic xx

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Blow away the Blues

My outfit of the day is very blue, I guess you could say inspired by the Royal Baby being a boy!

Pleated Midi Skirt - New Look (old)
Sleeveless Denim Shirt - Primark (old)
Tan Sandals - Blowfish (old)

I wore my pleated midi skirt from New Look which I picked up in the summer sale last year for a ridiculous price below £10.  At the time I knew I just had to snap it up as I think it is such a timeless piece.  The denim shirt is again from last year from Primark.  My tan sandals are from Blowfish, again last year so this post is pretty much a selection of golden oldies!  I absolutely love having a rummage through my wardrobe and finding some old faithful pieces.  It is almost like going on a shopping trip!

I am relatively new to blogging so would really appreciate your feedback and comments.

Add your links below and I will be sure to follow you.

Love Laurashopaholic xx

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Little bit of Lace

Today's post is an outfit of the day which I think is perfect for a shopping trip on a sunny day or a lunch with friends.  It is a really simple casual daytime look.

Lace Vest - Topshop £16
Maxi Dress - H&M £12.99
Sandals - Primark £6
Gold chain Bag - Primark (Old)
Sunglasses-  H&M £5.99
My outfit includes my H&M maxi dress which I love as it is just the right length.  Being a mere 5'2" I find it really difficult to find maxi dresses that are not dragging along the floor.  I styled the maxi dress with a little lace top from Topshop and my Primark sandals which were a bargain at £6.  I have them in black also and think that they are a great casual sandal.  I also wore my Thomas Sabo bracelet with my favourite heart charm.

What do you think of my outfit? I would love to hear from you my fellow shopaholics!  

Please leave any comments below with your links and if you follow me I follow back!

Love Laurashopaholic xx

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Wild for M&S Limited

Every now and then you see a key piece that you just have to get your hands on and today's post is about one of those pieces!  There has been loads of media attention recently about the M&S Autumn/ Winter launch and I was lucky enough to see all of the new ranges recently which was so exciting!  M&S have really stepped up a notch for the campaign and there are so many great new lines soon to hit stores and online that will be snapped up quickly no doubt.  You can see a preview of some of the Autumn/ Winter lines here.

There were so many pieces that caught my eye during the event, in particular from my favourite M&S brands Limited and Autograph.  There were even some gorgeous dresses and coats from Per Una, highlighting that Belinda Earl really is making her mark to ensure that all of the M&S Womenswear ranges hit the top of the style and quality stakes.

The piece that I just cannot wait to get my hands on is this Limited Leopard print coat.  The print is timeless and the leather collar adds that extra chic.  The fabric was superb quality and not tacky at all which at a price of £79 I think is definitely value for money and comparable to something you would expect of Topshop or Zara.

M&S Limited Leopard Print Coat £79

I am really hoping that I will be lucky enough to get my mitts on this beauty as I think it will be perfect for my Autumn/ Winter wardrobe.  I will keep you posted and hopefully feature in a future outfit post.

Keep your eyes peeled for the new M&S AW13 ranges in store and online over the next couple of weeks.

Love Laurashopaholic xx

Monday, 22 July 2013

Topshop Wish List July 2013

Hello fellow shopaholics!  Hope that you have enjoyed the hottest day of the year and are excited about the Royal Baby being born today!  I thought I would share with you all a few bits on my wishlist from Topshop this month.  

The Whes Slingback sandals in tan were featured in a previous lust list of mine, but I never actually got round to purchasing them.  I stumbled across the black version on the Topshop website last night in the sale and just had to snap them up!  I am hoping that they are going to fit nicely as I can already think of loads of ways to wear them.

The Scuba Skater dress and Leather T-Shirt dress are a couple of items that I have spotted on eBay that I am thinking about buying.  I am starting to find some really good buys on eBay.  I love that you can get your hands on items that have either sold out or are key pieces that you missed from last season.  The Crochet Sides Sundress has sold out on the Topshop website so I may see if I can get my hands on it on eBay.

The Moto Tencel dress has arrived and I am really looking forward to styling it as I think it will be great for both Summer and Autumn. I am hoping to style it for a future outfit post.

Have you purchased any great finds on eBay recently?
Have you got any top tips to share when shopping on eBay?

I would love to hear from you :-)

Love Laurashopaholic xx

Sunday, 21 July 2013

River on a Dress

It is such a treat at the moment to have all of this gorgeous sun in the UK, so I thought I would share an outfit post with you.  This skater dress is an old favourite of mine from Primark a couple of years ago which I absolutely love due to the cute river print which gives it a super summery feel. 

Primark Skater Dress

These M&S Limited Collection sandals are perfect for the summer as they are quite high but so comfortable. I love the gold stud detail and think that you would never guess that they were from M&S.  If you like them then grab them quickly as they have now been reduced in the sale!  They are perfect for any summers day or night outfit.

Primark Skater Dress (old).
M&S Limited Collection Tan Sandals Now £19.
 Thomas Sabo Charm Bracelet £29.95

Hope that you are all enjoying the lovely weather fellow shopaholics!  Let me know what you think of my outfit.

Love Laurashopaholic x