Laurashopaholic's Top 5 Fashion Bloggers: July 2013

Hello there fellow Shopaholics!  I wanted to share with you my Top 5 Fashion Bloggers/ Vloggers.  You may have already heard of them and if so then great, but if not then I would seriously recommend checking these gals out!

I always like to support fellow Bloggers and like to add blogs that I stumble across to my Bloglovin' page or subscribe to their YouTube channel, so I thought I would let you know which gems I love to read or watch on a regular basis. 


Visit her Blog The Little Magpie

@Style Sweetie

Subscribe to her channel on YouTube here


Subscribe to her channel on YouTube here


Visit her Blog ZoeyinWonderland

Visit her Blog Marmalade

I just love discovering a blog that I have not read before, so hopefully you will find at least one from my Top 5 this month!
Thank you girls for the great Blogs and keep the great style content coming!

If you would like me to check out your blog/vlog and for me to feature yours next month then please comment below and leave your links.

Who are your favourite Bloggers or YouTubers?
Let me know what you think of these fab Bloggers/ Vloggers.

Love Laurashopaholic xx


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