How to make a Fruit Smoothie

Hello Shopaholics! 

People are always looking for diets and recipes to improve their fitness and speed up weight loss. In my new video I share with you how to make a fruit smoothie that I have every day to carb up! It is really quick and easy to make and gets you ready for the day ahead. It is so important to make sure that you always have a good breakfast every morning so that you are recharged after a good nights sleep and you can enjoy and embrace your day. 

It is so common for slimmers to fall down by failing to have breakfast every morning and deprive themselves of the nutrients that the body needs to function. As my Grandad used to say - 'You can't drive a car without fuel!' If you do not have breakfast, your body is more likely to crave the foods that are bad for you later on in the day. We are all busy people and many use the excuse that they do not have time for breakfast.  My fruit smoothie recipe can be made and consumed so quickly that you will not want to miss breakfast in the morning ever again!

Fruit Smoothie Ingredients: 
2x Bananas (ideally these should be black and spotty) 
2x Pink Lady Apples 
8-10 Dates 
Half pint water 

Please take a look at my video below to find out how to make the Fruit Smoothie. Thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you like to watch videos about lifestyle, fitness, fashion and style.

Love Laurashopaholic xxx


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