How to Choose the Best Swimwear for your Body Shape

Holidays, beach days and trips to the swimming pool are times when us ladies can be unnecessarily ultra self conscious about our bodies.  Choosing the best swimwear for your body shape is the first step to beach body confidence, so here is some advice to help you select the right swimwear to maximise your assets.  You can skip those workouts and gain an instant boost by simply choosing the best swimwear for your body shape using these top tips.

 Secret Slimming Swimwear
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How to choose the Best Swimwear for your Body Shape

The secret to choosing the best swimsuit is to choose a shape that highlights your best features and imitates that enviable hourglass figure.  Some top tips when selecting the best swimsuit for your body shape are:

- Use a bright colour or pattern to highlight the best part of your body

- Use a solid colour if you want to hide a certain part of your body

- Ruffles help to accentuate an area and are great to give the illusion of bigger hips or bust

- Ruched fabric helps to hide areas that you want to conceal and give the illusion of a flatter tummy

- Halterneck styles draw attention to the bust

- To create the illusion of longer legs opt for a style with high cut bottoms.  Perfect if you are short or have a long torso

- Strapless styles are great to divert the attention to the top half of the body and make the bust appear wider

- If you have a large bust then a wrap style or v-neck cut is the most flattering.  It is important to feel comfortable and have the support you need so go for styles that are underwired and have thicker straps to maximise your assets.

 Secret Slimming Swimsuit

The Best Swimwear for your Body Shape

Pear Shape
Draw attention to the top half of the body by wearing a bandeau swimsuit, a high neck halterneck style or if you are feeling brave try a plunging neckline.  Ruffles around the bust area are also great for pear shapes to add volume.  High cut bottoms will accentuate your small waist and lengthen the legs and thighs.

Hourglass Figure
Opt for vintage cuts, bows and ruffles to accentuate your curves.  Channel your inner Marilyn Monroe!

Apple Shape
Create curves by going for a halterneck style with thicker straps.  This will give you support and make your shoulders appear smaller.  High leg bottoms will lengthen your legs and a sweetheart neckline will accenture your bust.

Inverted Triangle
Its all about support for Inverted Triangles so opt for styles that are underwired and give you the perfect fit.  Halterneck styles are great for this bodyshape.  Frills or ruffles that accentuate the bottom help to balance out proportions.

The most important thing to remember when selecting swimwear is that you need to feel confident and comfortable.  By choosing swimwear to suit your bodyshape this will definitely help as you will look great, just by making the most of the body that you have.

 Secret Slimming Swimsuit

Every girl needs to try the Secret Slimming Swimsuit range in M&S as it is guaranteed to boost your confidence.  The Secret Slimming range features innovative technology with an inner layer that holds and flatters your figure.  We all love M&S for their miracle working Shapewear underwear range and the Secret Slimming Swimwear range is equally as great.

This M&S Collection High Neck Swimsuit is great if (like me) you are a pear shape with a small chest and larger lower half of your body.  The high neck attracts the attention to the top half of the body.  The bold print hides any lumps and bumps not able to be sucked in by the Secret Slimming fabric and the colour suits pretty much all skin tones and complexions.  If you have a larger chest then there are lots of other swimsuits in the Secret Slimming range specifically designed to maximise your assets, keeping you supported and comfortable.

 Secret Slimming Swimsuit

There is so much pressure on women to look perfect these days, with social media and reality television painting an unrealistic picture of flat tummies, sculpted curves and ample chests.  I recently watched the holiday video that Stacey Solomon posted celebrating her 'society labelled imperfections'.  I found her video really inspirational as I think she always looks stunning and a great role model for women by promoting natural, real beauty.  

We are all different shapes and sizes, always wanting to loose or gain a few pounds because society says that we should fit a perfect mould.  We often fail to remember that many celebrities usually fork out for personal trainers, work out everyday and have to stick to a strict diet to achieve their physique, something that us normal folk cannot even contemplate doing with our busy lives. Celebrities tend to have surgery to achieve what society thinks they should look like, whether it be bigger boobs, a smaller tummy or a wrinkle free forehead as their job is to be so perfect in the limelight.  What we should also remember is that most celebrity photos are airbrushed to remove their 'imperfections' anyway!

So rather than stressing about working out for your 'Summer body', counting calories and sweating at the gym, why not embrace the beach by popping on your Secret Slimming Swimsuit, be confident in the body you have and eat another ice cream with a smile on your face!

Love Laura xx


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