Paris Marathon 2015 Training

It is now 7 weeks to go until the Paris Marathon 2015 and so I thought that I would share with you my training from the past 3 weeks.  I have really enjoyed training over the last couple of weeks as I have pushed myself by running longer distances and met lots of inspiring new runners in Salisbury Trail Running Club and Sweatshop Running Club in Southampton (SRC).  I have never joined a Running Club before and by meeting new runners it has had a really positive influence on me personally.  By running and chatting with like-minded individuals of all ages and abilities it has given me a new perspective on my training and improved my confidence.  It has also helped to add diversity to my training by finding new routes (and some beautiful scenery) and also by not just running solo for all of my sessions like I have been used to.

Above: With the Salisbury Trail Runners - 16 Miles Tisbury to Salisbury
10 weeks to go:
Sunday - Long Slow Run 13 Miles
Monday - Treadmill Workout 2km followed by Strength Training and then 2km to finish
Tuesday - Rest
Wednesday - Treadmill Workout 5km followed by Strength Training
Thursday - Rest
Friday - 10km Run
Total Weekly Mileage - 24 Miles

9 Weeks to go:
Sunday - Long Slow Trail Run with Salisbury Trail Runners 16 Miles
Monday - Rest
Tuesday - Treadmill Workout 5km
Total Weekly Mileage - 19 Miles

8 Weeks to go:
Sunday - Long Slow Run 15.5 Miles
Monday - 5km Run with SRC
Tuesday - Rest
Wednesday - Treadmill Workout 5km
Thursday - Rest
Friday - Treadmill Workout 10km
Total Weekly Mileage - 27.5 Miles

You can follow my training on Strava using the link below:

You will see that I have also added Strength Training to my program to improve the conditioning of my muscles and to minimise the risk of injury, particularly with the increase in mileage.  I had a personal training session at the gym just to get some professional advice about what to include for the best results.  So I am now doing a mixture of lunges with added weight and goblet squats also with added weight.

When training for a race and increasing your weekly mileage it is really important that you do so in a controlled manner to avoid the risk of injury.  Therefore, only increase your weekly mileage incrementally so that you can give your body time to build up to spending more time on your feet.  It is not always the amount of miles you complete, but the quality of the workouts that will give you the best gains in your running.

Happy Training!

Laura xx

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