Goodwood Festival of Speed

Yesterday we went to Goodwood Festival of Speed in Chichester, West Sussex in the UK.  It was my first time at the Festival and was really impressed by the array of Motorsport related things to do on the day.  So I thought I would dedicate today's post to showing you all some of the photos from our day at the FOS.  I may be female but I love cars and I know that many of my fellow Shopaholics will do too!

Goodwood House
Artwork outside Goodwood House

The fashion at the Goodwood Festival of Speed was generally very laid back. Having never been to the FOS before I was a little unsure of what to wear, so opted for a really simple outfit of the day.  I wore my Topshop Jamie Jeans teamed with Converse, Topshop Flower mesh oversized tee and my Autograph for Marks and Spencer Handbag.

Luckily the weather was dry all day until we left in the afternoon when the heavens opened, but I was conscious of the weather forecast when selecting my outfit.  I was ready to wear a summer dress and sandals, but knew I would be too cold, with lots of walking involved and so opted for a sensible ensemble.  Most ladies were also wearing similar attire, although some had been brave enough to get their legs out and go for shorts or maxi skirts but nothing outrageously daring.

Goodwood Festival of Speed is basically a huge event including cars racing around a track, manufacturers promoting their latest models and a showcase of lots of different racing cars including Formula One and Vintage cars.  We spotted Christian Horner, Principle of the Red Bull F1 Racing Team as well as Stirling Moss, a former F1 Racing driver.  Lewis Hamilton had tweeted to say that he was attending the FOS yesterday aswell so we were hoping we might spot him and Nicole Scherzinger.

Above: Christian Horner - Red Bull Racing
Above: Stirling Moss - Former F1 Racing Driving

My car of the day was definitely the new Ford Mustang which I was really impressed by.  Ford are only building 100 of the Mustang for the UK initially, all of which have already been snapped up!  The styling of the Convertible is really chic and I loved the interior.  Perfect with the roof down!

Above & Below: Ford Mustang & Mustang Convertible

I also loved the new Ford Focus ST which has been given a facelift.  I loved the new brightly coloured paintwork, but also the grey with black wheels combination. (You can definitely tell that it is a female stylist writing this article!) The Ford showroom area was really cool and fun and represented the new direction that the brand is moving towards extremely well.  The showroom displayed cars across three levels and had a huge slide and monkey bars for children to play on, keeping them occupied while their parents looked at the cars!

Above & Below: New Ford Focus ST

The most anticipated showroom of the day for me was Land Rover.  The Land Rover Experience certainly did not disappoint and similar to Ford, really projected the brand.The Land Rover Experience showcased all of the cars, not only their sought after styling and quality, but also their off-road abilities which are at the core of its brand identity.

Being able to see and sit in my dream car made my day - The Range Rover Sport Autobiography in White with Black 22 inch wheels and a Black Roof. Maybe one day in the not too distant future I will have this car!

Above: Land Rover Experience Circuit
Range Rover Sport Autobiography
The day was complete with an appearance from the Red Arrows which is always fantastic.  There is so much to do and see that I would definitely recommend getting tickets in the future.  You can take a picnic or there is plenty of Food and Drink to purchase.  So all in all Goodwood Festival of Speed is a great day out for not only the men, but for us ladies too and in fact the whole family.

Did you go to Goodwood Festival of Speed this year?
Have you been to Goodwood before?
What is your dream car?

Love Laurashopaholic xx

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